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International Symosium on Nov.19

International Symposium on November 19, 2011

Exploring the Roles of Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Japan:
In the Wake of the 3/11 Nuclear Power Plant Disaster

The Hiroshima Peace Institute and the Hiroshima Peace Media Center of the Chugoku Shimbun (Newspaper) will hold an international symposium entitled "Exploring the Roles of Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Japan: In the Wake of the 3/11 Nuclear Power Plant Disaster" on November 19.
(Simultaneous interpretation available.)

Date & Time:
November 19 (Sat.), 2011 13:00-17:00 (The venue opens at 12:30)

Himawari Room, second basement (B2)
The International Conference Center Hiroshima

Seat booking:
Not required


Frank Uekotter
LMU Fellow, Rachel Carson Center (Germany)

Marylia Kelley
Executive Director, Tri-Valley CAREs (USA)

Hitoshi Yoshioka
Vice-President / Professor, Kyushu University

Osamu Saito
MD, Watari Hospital in Fukushima


Toshiko Tanaka
Hibakusha / Enamel Mural Artist

Seiji Shitakubo
Reporter, The Chugoku Shimbun (Newspaper)

Kazumi Mizumoto
Vice-President / Professor, Hiroshima Peace Institute

Hosted by:
Hiroshima City University
The Chugoku Shimbun

Supported by:
Hiroshima City
The Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation

Hiroshima-Kaminoseki Link

This is the official English language blog for Hiroshima-Kaminoseki Link. We are an association of citizens who are concerned about the plans to construct a nuclear power plant at Kaminoseki, in the Seto Inland Sea National Park - a BIODIVERSITY HOT SPOT.

A view of Iwaishima Island from Tanoura
A view of Iwaishima Island from Tanoura

Our opinion ad (The Internatinal Herald Tribune on Oct 18 / The Japn Times on Oct 26)
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Iwaishima Islanders Establish '100% Natural Energy Project'

The Iwaishima Islanders' Group against the construction of Kaminoseki nuclear power plant, on January 14, 2011, announced the establishment of "Funds to Create Millenary Iwaishima" to install solar cells and raise money. Following this, it set up the "Iwaishima 100% Natural Energy Project" aiming at 100 percent self-sufficiency with regard to energy supply on Iwaishima, Kaminoseki-cho, Yamaguchi Prefecture.

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Trends after nuclear accident

Information updated on "Trends in various actors after nuclear accident."
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Nuclear Industry is Under Siege

The disaster at the Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear power plant has highlighted the importance of nuclear energy to Japan and the power long wielded by the nuclear sector. But that influence now is sure to wane, to the relief of opponents who have fought for years to check nuclear's rapid growth.
by caroline fraser

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website - mongabay

The renowned environmental website,, reported about Kaminoseki on 14th November. This is a link to the mongabay website: seeks to raise interest in and appreciation of wildlands and wildlife, while examining the impact of emerging local and global trends in technology, economics, and finance on conservation and development.

7 Generations Walk

We held a press conference at COP10.
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A group called "7 Generations Walk", including Kazuhiro Yamada , launched a hunger strike in protest against the Nuclear Power Plant. They also walked 800 kilometers, from Kaminoseki to Nagoya, to appeal for the cancellation of the construction.

Press conference in Yamaguchi

On 26th October Hiroshima-Kaminoseki Link held a press conference in Yamaguchi. The campaign was supported at the press conference by Shimizu-san, a town councillor from Kaminoseki, and Aya Hanabusa, a film director who has made a film about Iwai-shima Island. The press conference coincided with another opinion ad, this time in the Japan Times. The Japan Times has a circulation of about 67000. This ad also coincided with the start of the ministerial level talks at COP10. The ad was on page 3 of the newspaper alongside an article on page 2 about the nuclear pact between Japan and India. On the morning of the 27th, the day after the press conference, four newspapers reported on the Kaminoseki issue - the Asahi, the Mainichi, the Chugoku Shinbun and the Yamaguchi Shinbun. Our campaign is now supported by 315 organisations worldwide.

Our statement in The Japan Times

Our statement was placed in The Japan Times on October 26th. On the right side of this page(3rd page), they carried a story about the nuclear pact between Japan and India. 67,000 copies were issued.

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Latest events

・A group called "7 Generations Walk" , including Kazuhiro Yamada , launched a hunger strike in protest against the Nuclear Power Plant .

 They also walked 800 kilometers , from Kaminoseki to Nagoya , to appeal for the cancellation of the construction .

・On Oct 18, a public statement about Kaminoseki Nuclear Power Plant appeared in the Herald Tribune, Asia Pacific.

・On Oct 22, the construction plan and its dangers were introduced by NGOs to the Main Conference at COP10 .

・At the Main conference of COP 10, on Oct. 22, the construction plan and its dangers were introduced by Ramya Rajagopalan

(The International Collective in Support Of Fishworkers / India) . "The day before the start of COP10 , the construction of the Kaminoseki Nuclear Power Plant , located in West Japan , commenced. This plan will have a dangerous impact on the lives of local residents and the ecological system of the sea .We will unite with the citizens of Japan to continue to fight against the construction of the plant. "

・A presentaition of an emergency statement in October- 300 prominent journalists and people with social awareness issued an emergency statement .