Iwai-shima Island - 28 years of protest

Around 4km across the sea from the proposed site of the plant lies Iwai-shima Island. This island has a population of about 500 people, most of whom live in the island's one settlement which faces the proposed site. Around 90% of the inhabitants are opposed to the plant, and have refused to accept the financial inducements offered by Chugoku Electric Company. Since 1983, shortly after the proposed nuclear power plant was announced, these people have staged protests every Monday. Their slogan is "We will not sell our sea for a nuclear power plant". They want to continue their traditional lifestyle which would be lost if the power plant were to be built. Most people on Iwai-shima have livelihoods based on fishing and small scale farming. Local produce includes sea bream, octopus, meburu rockfish, Japanese medlar (locquat) and various kinds of seaweed including agar and hijiki.

Inhabitants of Iwai-shima along with concerned citizens from neighbouring areas have been blocking land reclamation work by Chugoku Electric Company. At the time of writing the latest blockade was formed on 15th October, 2010. Local people aboard fishing boats and kayaks successfully prevented Chugoku Electric Company from carrying out any landfill work after a stand-off between the two sides.

For more information see
http://blog.shimabito.net/(Japanese blog of an Iwai-shima resident)
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