Latest events

・A group called "7 Generations Walk" , including Kazuhiro Yamada , launched a hunger strike in protest against the Nuclear Power Plant .

 They also walked 800 kilometers , from Kaminoseki to Nagoya , to appeal for the cancellation of the construction .

・On Oct 18, a public statement about Kaminoseki Nuclear Power Plant appeared in the Herald Tribune, Asia Pacific.

・On Oct 22, the construction plan and its dangers were introduced by NGOs to the Main Conference at COP10 .

・At the Main conference of COP 10, on Oct. 22, the construction plan and its dangers were introduced by Ramya Rajagopalan

(The International Collective in Support Of Fishworkers / India) . "The day before the start of COP10 , the construction of the Kaminoseki Nuclear Power Plant , located in West Japan , commenced. This plan will have a dangerous impact on the lives of local residents and the ecological system of the sea .We will unite with the citizens of Japan to continue to fight against the construction of the plant. "

・A presentaition of an emergency statement in October- 300 prominent journalists and people with social awareness issued an emergency statement .

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