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This is the official English language blog for Hiroshima-Kaminoseki Link. We are an association of citizens who are concerned about the plans to construct a nuclear power plant at Kaminoseki, in the Seto Inland Sea National Park - a BIODIVERSITY HOT SPOT.

The project could irrevocably damage this pristine environment by
: replacing sea water with LANDFILL
: risking devastating EARTHQUAKES (there are active faults concentrated around the site)

We are also concerned about contamination of the environment, and risk to human health, from low RADIATION release.

We are working to stop the plan in solidarity with our international friends and people in Iwai-shima Island who have protested against it for nearly 30 years. We believe that this Kaminoseki case could be a turning point for Japan's nuclear industry, which has been steadily and comprehensively expanding for the last 60 years.
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